In one of my first childhood memories I walk the paths barefoot, my loose curly hair engulfing my face. I run home wild and free, nature’s child. Always searching for an aperture, a quiet place where I can be myself, comfortable within my body, my tiny feet skipping on the ground.

I am Dorit. I was born in Nir Zvi, a small village, in a wild expanse of green and earth. I grew up amongst fields and orchards that became my inspiration. My connection to nature’s aesthetics is strong and primal and it defines who I am today.

When I came upon the fashion world, almost by chance, I continued to choose all that is natural and primal, a design in which one can sense the country girl and the expanse. 

In 1987 I founded Capriccio – a brand that would speak a different visual language. High quality and contemporary style but always effortless and free and in keeping with both high quality and perfect finish. With time, as I went out and traveled the world, my visual language  widened to encompass the influences of nature and sea, but throughout I remained uncompromisingly true to my own personal style.

As the years went by, alongside Capriccio in the City, I raised a family, my two wonderful children Omer and Yahli were born and my experience of motherhood was Total  and exciting.

During those years I have not stopped searching for, and creating, collaborations and partnerships with designers and select shops. After thirty-two years I have come a full circle and returned, along with Capriccio, to my childhood home yard. I have come home.

Today, as before as a child, I still look to the expanse for inspiration, bring myself forth and am open and creative. I give myself leave to mix these worlds I love so much because truthfully, Capriccio is not just clothes, it’s not mere styling. Capriccio is Touch, it’s Observation .

Today I photograph, characterize , I bring my personal touch as well as my own unique language to both homes and design firms while still, of course, carefully choosing new collections that bring forth the integration and power of the precise, whole look.

I invite you to come and enjoy unique items of clothes and accessories with a personal touch.