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Capriccio in the Yard

I am back in my childhood playground.

Who would have believed. After years of wandering in other peoples’ yards I have returned to play in my parents’ yard.

I was born and raised here, in this wild, green corner, perfumed with memories, adorned in green. I turned back to look at the yard with different eyes and chose one of the old structures.

Surrounded by an orchard of fruit trees and a vegetable garden, the farm structure had transformed into a carefully designed, minimalistic shed, a magical, quiet corner. There was no doubt this was the place where my studio would stand.

Capriccio in the Yard. The quiet studio allows me to get in touch with myself and reinvent myself anew.

The emphasis remains – stylish serenity, natural and of high quality that unite to form a unique “otherness”.

The collection comes from Italy and you get to come to a special gathering here in central Israel.

The studio is open weekdays, just coordinate and come.
Sun – Fri, 10 am to 3 pm.
Waiting for you, with love.


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