Love at First Sight

It began in September 1987. I entered my first exhibition at Fiera Milano and there was a certain feeling in my gut.
I was swept completely away by such beauty.

The display, the end design and the attention to detail, to an extent I was unfamiliar with.
I was in love.

I adopted the Italian aesthetics wholeheartedly. Ever since that exhibition my whole view on fashion has been driven forward. The Italians have undoubtedly educated me.

For Capriccio I have chosen a unique, relevant and trendy Italian current over a more classic and conservative one. I have been nourishing personal ties and collaborations for years and importing many diverse collections.

Today, even through these trying times, I try to nourish energy and joy and bring forth an optimistic view for the times ahead.

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Capriccio in the Yard

I am back in my childhood playground.

Who would have believed. After years of wandering in other peoples’ yards I have returned to play in my parents’ yard.

I was born and raised here, in this wild, green corner, perfumed with memories, adorned in green. I turned back to look at the yard with different eyes and chose one of the old structures.

Surrounded by an orchard of fruit trees and a vegetable garden, the farm structure had transformed into a carefully designed, minimalistic shed, a magical, quiet corner. There was no doubt this was the place where my studio would stand.

Capriccio in the Yard. The quiet studio allows me to get in touch with myself and reinvent myself anew.

The emphasis remains – stylish serenity, natural and of high quality that unite to form a unique “otherness”.

The collection comes from Italy and you get to come to a special gathering here in central Israel.

The studio is open weekdays, just coordinate and come.
Sun – Fri, 10 am to 3 pm.
Waiting for you, with love.


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Capriccio Natural

I am happy to unveil a new idea I have been dreaming about for a very long time – Capriccio Natural.

Capriccio Natural is an online store in which I exhibit and sell a variety of items which may include apparel, accessories, decorations and more from Israel and from abroad. All items are carefully chosen to complement the Capriccio fashion collection.  The same personal aesthetic that is the signature of Cappiccio fashion store is implemented in this unique, one-time art and design collection which I curated.

I gladly give precedence to an artist I love – Orna Mintz.

Orna’s work moves me as it fosters a creative expression of the force of life. It is a celebration of minimalist beauty. Profound, unassuming art that expresses her unique observation of primal materials.

She draws on nature as the raw material for her artistic narrative and her extraordinary collection is comprised of a variety of material she has collected on her outdoors excursions.

I have collected the items I love the most from her extensive assemblage and they are up for a special sale here, at Capriccio Natural.

The collection is up for sale for a limited time, from …… to …… and you are very much invited to browse through this beautiful collection.

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